Fencing Installation

Highland Contractors can create the perfect fence to beautifully accentuate your yard and home! Our team even has experience working with homes in the preservation district!

Highland Contractors does not repair fencing at this time, and our minimum installation length for fencing is 50'.

Available Fencing Types

Wood Fencing

There are countless styles and extensions available when it comes to wood fencing installation. Highland Contractors offers the following styles:
  • Dog Ear Privacy
  • Shadowbox
  • Picture Frame
  • Window Frame
  • Diamond Lattice
  • Spindle Lattice
  • Split Rail
  • Standard Picket
  • Scallop Picket
  • Image
    *Cedar Spindle Lattice

    Highland Contractors offers Pressure Treated wood and Western Red Cedar wood. Each provide reliability through their own strengths depending on the needs of your property.

    Pressure treating is a process that forces chemicals deep into the wood's cells. The treatment produces greenish-brown lumber that resists attack from insects, microorganisms and fungal decay. Pressure treating can cause cracks, known as checks, in the lumber; checks are to be expected and do not impact the structural integrity of the lumber. Pressure Treated wood is typically produced from pine trees and is often used in a variety of common household projects, such as decks, fences, framing, etc. Fences made with Pressure Treated wood can last many years with the proper maintenance.

    Western Red Cedar is lightweight, yet exceptionally strong. It naturally resists decay without the need of preservative treatments and ages to an attractive silvery gray. Western Red Cedar is a preferred wood for resistance to weather damage and upkeep is virtually effortless as there is no need for frequent maintenance efforts.

    Chain Link Fencing

    Maintain security and comfort in your yard with chain link fencing. There are multiple options available, including but not limited to, black coated, galvanized and green coated. Chain link is one of the most versatile fencing solutions available offering flexibility for many applications, with additional advantages such as:

    *5' Black Chain Link
  • Durability; these fences are long lasting and require minimal, low cost maintenance.
  • High adaptability, allowing the fence to stay sturdy through adverse weather.
  • Quick installation and easy replacement.
  • Available in residential and commercial grades with heights
    ranging from 4' to 8'.
  • Allow your new fence to blend seamlessly into your landscape for an affordable solution to establish your property lines. With a chain link fence that is installed correctly by the experts at Highland Contractors, you're receiving a quality customer service experience that leaves you completely satisfied.

    Vinyl (PVC) Fencing

    Vinyl is a recommended fencing solution in areas with strong winds and extreme weather conditions, as it will not decompose. It is also convenient to maintain as you can clean the vinyl with common household cleaners to keep it looking new; no need to paint the fence throughout its lifespan. You can have peace of mind knowing that your fence is not susceptible to rotting, termite attacks, or rusting. Highland Contractors works with a variety of colors, textures, and heights for any of the following vinyl fencing styles:
  • Diamond Lattice Top
  • Standard Picket
  • Closed Picket
  • Scalloped Picket
  • White/Tan Privacy
  • Wood Grain Privacy
  • Image
    *Vinyl Closed Picket

    Aluminum Fencing

    You don't have to choose between strength and durability. At Highland Contractors we've got you covered with a fence that combines strength and durability through a coating that is resistant to cracking, peeling, and chipping. Many homeowners rely on the aluminum construction to keep their pets contained or to enclose their pool. An aluminum fence can benefit the landscape of your yard because aluminum fencing:
    *4' 3-Rail Aluminum
    • will never rust.
    • is versatile to fit your property.
    • is low maintenance; you won't need to re-stain or re-paint.
    • is fabricated from recycled aluminum.
    • is available in many decorative styles and varying heights.
    Aluminum fences have proven to add elegance and beauty to any home or business.
    *4' 2-Rail Aluminum

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